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As a psychologist, educator, author, and speaker, my mission is to change the world by changing education. My approach to educational transformation includes sharing a powerful, field-tested model of project based learning (PBL) that invites inquiry, innovation, creativity, and intellectual depth. This model aligns with a systematic redesign of schools and learning environments by integrating PBL with a high performance culture, whole child principles, teacher discovery and empowerment, teaching and assessment of 21st century skills, an inquiry-based curriculum, and use of digital resources for teacher and student collaboration. All of my work is rooted in three themes essential to education in the global age: Opportunities for every child; the reunification of brain and heart; and the global ideal of a just world.

I have worked with over 300 schools and districts, and conducted workshops for over 6000 teachers across five continents, providing proven methods and resources for designing high quality, challenging, authentic projects in all disciplines, including science and engineering. For schools seeking sustained professional development, either in the U.S. or internationally, I now offer Remote Coaching and Online PBL through PBL Global at www.introtopbl.com.

If you’re interested in becoming a skilled PBL teacher, or your school or district needs help in envisioning, designing, and implementing a successful, sustainable plan for inquiry-based learning that meets the needs of 21st century young people, please Contact Me.


My school redesign services...

Would you like help redesigning your school for 21st century learning? I offer a set of unique services that can help you envision, design, and implement a successful, sustainable plan for high performance inquiry-based learning that emphasizes innovation, creativity, and student empowerment. My approach integrates seven key aspects of a successful inquiry-based system into a three-year Action Cycle matrix: (1) teacher discovery and empowerment; (2) organizational alignment; (3) entrepreneurial project based learning; (4) development of a high performance culture based on whole child principles; (5) teaching and assessment of 21st century skills; (6) curriculum redesign; and (7) use of digital resources and learning management systems.

I have helped establish STEM academies and centers of innovation, trained teachers in innovation and creativity, and assisted districts and ministries in designing inquiry-based schools. I use a combination of onsite training and virtual coaching sessions to craft and support a strategic vision for your school, as well as develop the materials and processes necessary for successful inquiry-based teaching and leanring. 

Keynotes: Please contact me for information about fees and schedules for keynote events and plenary addresses. 

News and notes: Read my latest blog: Inquiry-based learning vs. Standardized content: Can they coexist? 

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